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A Word About Our Blog Entries

The Julie Group shares a professional interest in the area of digital and emerging technology and law. As professionals there is a rich and deep appreciation for the differences of opinion that can appear in this space. You must never assume that opinion, where it is introduced is universally shared and endorsed by all our volunteers. Nor are they necessarily the very best snapshot of a given issue.

Readers are expected to think about the issues, question everything worth discussing, and add value to the conversation by correcting what's here or broadening the understanding of the subject. This is part of the educational process between us all. Our hope is that this exercise results in better law, law enforcement, and citizen participation in forging sophisticated social understandings of the technological forces changing our lives.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What our Links of Interest Represent

The opinions expressed here will vary among writers as will our links. When we post a link of interest we are pointing out to our readers some of the kinds of issues that are important to all of us.

As a clarification, in the case of Matt Bandy, his case has been resolved and our interest is to use his experience as an example for others to learn from. You will hear more in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, we gave the impression initially that the Bandy case was something we would be pursuing pro-actively when in fact we will be doing some postmortems to glean insight into unresolved cases of the same archetype.

We cannot undo or reopen cases that have been tried. Our interest is in learning from some of those that deserve our scrutiny as a society. The Bandy case is a prime example.

Secondly, we invite developers who work for less than ethical spamming companies, pornographers, or otherwise sleazy operators to contact us when your conscience catches up to you. You can help us prevent or understand malicious machine behaviors better than anyone. Write to ask us for our most confidential contacts and start your conversation there.

Preventing malicious behaviors is a very important goal for everyone. Lift yourself out of the mud here.

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